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Tuesday December 4, 2018 19:36367

‘Yemen: A Dubious Battle’ poster unveiled

Poster for ‘Yemen: A Dubious Battle’ has been released just in time for the 12th Cinema Verite Film Festival.

The war documentary ‘Yemen: A Dubious Battle’ directed by Mehdi Khorramdel has released its poster just in time for the 12th annual Iran International Documentary Film Festival (Cinema Verite).

Created in 2018, this 48 minute documentary is a firsthand account of the war in Yemen and a portrayal of that which has occurred in the war torn country since the beginning of the conflict.

By going deep into the battlefield, the producers have used 450 pieces of film and were able to capture over 150 major explosions, many of which have never been shown before, bringing the events of the warfront to life.

A summary of the documentary reads: ‘The events taking place on Yemen’s soil resembles a war, but in reality it is a long continuous battle being carried on for three years. It is as though the battlefield of this bloody encounter has not experienced dusk or a dawn as of late. Although one would assume that the victors of this uneven war would be the invading soldiers, who are armed to the teeth, there has yet to be an end in sight to this military confrontation. But, why has this battle not had a victor yet?’

Khorramdel’s war documentary is set to be unveiled in the Avini section of the festival.

The 12th annual Cinema Verite Film Festival will be held from December 9-16, 2018. The festival's motto this year will be 'The truth is the best guide' by Imam Ali (AS).