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Thursday December 6, 2018 16:19224

Fajr Film Festival to host 'Samurai in Berlin'

Iranian film 'Samurai in Berlin' is slated to be screened at the Fajr Film Festival.

Directed by Mehdi Naderi, the movie has filled the request form of the 37th edition of Fajr Film Festival.

Half of the film was captured in scenes in Iran and the other %50 was shot in Berlin.

Other big names who appear before the camera in the movie are Amir-Mehdi Juleh, Mir-Taher Mazloumi, Houman Haji-Abdollahi, Mitra Hajjar, Gohar Kheirandinsh and Nader Mashayekhi.

'Samurai in Berlin' is considered to be a big change for the director as his previous feature-length film 'Farewell Baghdad' was war-themed.