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Thursday December 6, 2018 19:48134

Editing for Tanabandeh’s ‘Vow’ underway

About %60 of the editing for Iranian film ‘Vow’ has been fulfilled.

 Directed by Mohsen Tanabandeh, the editing for the film is currently underway by Khashayar Movahedian.

The sound mixing and music production of ‘Vow’ is also underway.

Mohsen Tanabandeh has studied acting at University of Art and Architecture.

Tanabandeh has acted in a number of movies, including ‘Tiny Snow Flicks’ (2003), ‘How Much for You to Cry?’ (2005), ‘A Time for Love’ (2007), ‘St. Petersburg’ (2009), ‘Iran Burger’ (2014), ‘Lamp 100’ (2014) and ‘Guinness’ (2014).

He has also appeared in some series such as ‘A Message from the Afterlife’ (2008), ‘Escort Officer’ (2008), ‘Four Walls’ (2009), ‘The Capital 1’ (2010), ‘The Capital 2’ (2012), ‘The Capital 3’ (2013), ‘The Idiot’ (2014), ‘The Capital 4’ (2015) and ‘The Capital 5’ (2018).

Tanabandeh has received Crystal Simorghs of the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Testimony for God’ (2007) and the Best Actor in a Leading Role for ‘The First Stone’ (2009) and ‘Seven Minutes to Autumn’ (2009) from Fajr Film Festival.

In addition to acting, he has experienced working as script writer and casting director.