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Friday December 7, 2018 15:55129

‘Highlight’ postponed screening for next year

The public screening of Iranian film ‘Highlight’ has been postponed to the next Persian Year.

Directed by Asghar Naeimi, the screening of the film postponed due to the large number of queued comedy films.

The film narrates the story of people who face challenges following an accident. Taking care of the injured and waiting for them to recover is making the situation hard.

Produced by Sasan Salur, ‘Highlight’ is a romantic drama.

The Iranian movie has been screened at the 36th Fajr Film Festival.

Pejman Bazeghi, Elaheh Hesari, Sam Gharibian, Mina Vahid, Jamshid Hashempour and Azadeh Zarei are the main cast of the movie.