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Friday December 7, 2018 17:55310

Filming for anti-colonialist film ‘Ahmed Bey’ ends

First Iranian-Algerian dual cinema project ‘Ahmed Bey’ ends filming in Algeria.

Director Jamal Shourjeh’s anti-colonialist film ‘Ahmed Bey', the first dual cinema production between Iranian and Algerian filmmakers, has finished filming in the Algerian city of Bou Saada.

The movie which began filming four months ago in the capital city of Algiers, is a story based on the life of anti-colonialist freedom fighter Ahmed Bey. Ahmed Bey, who had memorized the entire Qur’an by heart, was the ruler of Constantine in modern day Algeria during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, spending many years of his life fighting French colonialists in his land. Under his command, he was able to unite major tribes in the region in order to wage various battles against French colonialists. His creative strategies which allowed for the effective engagement of resistance movements against the invading colonialists resulted in his recognition as one of the most influential figures of Algerian independence.

Alongside director Jamal Shourjeh, is Algerian producer Samira Hadj-Djilani, with the remaining members of the film crew split between Iranian and Algerian experts, and the cast being made up of mainly Algerian actors.

This is director Jamal Shourjeh’s first experience working with the Algerian film industry. He is also the first Iranian director to direct a movie in Algeria.