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Friday December 7, 2018 21:281113

Hanieh Basatini speaks of ‘Passing Through the Fall’

We have talked to Iranian actress, Hanieh Basatini, to get to know her role in ‘Passing through the Fall’ more.

We have talked to Iranian actress, Hanieh Basatini, to get to know her role in ‘Passing through the Fall’ more.

Born in 1981, Basatini graduated in theater and ‘Passing through the Fall’ is her television debut. She has directed a few theater shows on the stage.


At the beginning let’s say that you are very well-spoken and this has helped you acting the role of Laya.

I’ve studied theater, but because I chose directing from the beginning I haven’t passed the oratory lessons, although I know how to use oratory in acting. I read poems a lot and love literature. I always try to say the words correctly and I think all of these are effective in good speaking.


Laya has an introvert characteristic. Acting the role of such character is almost hard. How did you approach to this role?

When I started the project, the script was fully written. I read it and analyzed the character of Laya for myself. She is a young sensitive girl who is an artist and is familiar with literature. In total, she is a romantic girl. Laya was no stranger to me. In the real life, I am not very much like her but she was no stranger. She has her own sensitivities and focuses on things that other people ignore easily. That’s why she doubts Reza and his love, hearing just one sentence. My analysis from Laya’s character and the director’s explanations helped me understand the role better.


Laya is one the most popular characters of the series. Why do you think the audiences liked it?

Laya is kind. She’s not acquisitive and love is important to her. These characters have made her different from her father and other sisters. She likes people because of themselves not their properties. She loves Reza because she thinks that he is a sophisticated person but his sarcasm makes her doubt it. Laya loves his father not because of his wealth, but because he is his father. She has the same feeling about her sisters. Maybe this is why people liked the character.


Despite the lovely character, her coldness is vivid; the coldness we can see in both her face and behavior. Did you dedicate the coldness to the character or the director asked for it?

The director wanted all the characters to be cold, because he wanted to show that people who care more about money are cold and sad and their relations are more mechanical than real.


It seems that the series of ‘Passing through the Fall’ has similarities with the story of King Lear; do you see any similarities between the two stories?

We can see some similarities at the beginning of the series, but in fact ‘Passing through the Fall’ is not similar to King Lear. However it wasn’t so bad if it had any similarities, because King Lear is one of the greatest plays of the world which is written by the great playwright William Shakespeare.


You have appeared in a hard and long-term project for your acting debut. Had the series been a good experience for you?

I was familiar with the working satiation because I have experienced assistant directing, but the atmosphere of behind the scenes of ‘Passing through the Fall’ was the power point of the series. Everybody was friendly and the cast and crew fulfilled the project in peace. The peace made everyone fulfill their job in the best way.