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Wednesday December 12, 2018 22:33106

‘The Skier’ to be reviewed on Cinema ifilm

Cinema ifilm is to review Fereydoun Najafi’s feature film ‘The Skier’.

Najafi’s debut movie will be reviewed at ifilm’s weekly program, Cinema ifilm.

'The Skier' is about a boy from Iran’s Kouhrang County who is going to take a little ibex to a tribal ritual in a snowy remote region in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province but he faces many problems on his way.

The movie documents vanishing tribal traditions and paints a portrait of the ethnic community of the Bakhtiari people of southwest Iran.

So far, ‘The Skier’ has participated at several domestic and international festivals and has garnered various awards. The film has been nominated to compete at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

‘The Skier’ has also taken part in festivals such as the 38th Cambridge Film Festival in Britain, the 15th Dublin International Film Festival in Ireland, and the 18th Beirut International Film Festival in Lebanon.