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Sunday December 16, 2018 19:1382

Iran animation ‘Balance’ wins award at Grand Rapids Comic-Con Filmfest in US

Iran animation ‘Balance’ has succeeded to win Best Animation Award from the 5th edition of Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival in the US.

The jury panel of the American film event granted Best Animation Award of the festival to Iran short animation ‘Balance’ directed by Barzan Rostami.

Production of the Documentary & Experimental Film Center in Iran, ‘Balance’, tells the story of soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that the people of the city may live in peace.

Receiving a special mention certificate for the best direction at the 2018 LakeCity International Film Festival in India and the award for best art movie at the 2018 Sarajevo Youth Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina are among the latest achievements by ‘Balance’.

The short animation has so far succeeded to take part at the Adrian International Film Festival in the US, as well as the Redline International Film Festival and the Regina International Film Festival and Awards in Canada.

The 5th edition of Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival was held on November 8-10, 2018, in Michigan, the US.