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Chennai Int’l Film Festival screening Iranian feature ‘Axing’

Iranian feature ‘Axing’ is on screen at the 16th Chennai Int’l Film Festival in India.

Iranian feature ‘Axing’ has been screening at the 16th edition of the Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF) in India.

Directed by Behrouz Shoeibi and produced by Seyyed-Mahmoud Razavi, the movie grabbed 10 nominations at the 36th Fajr Film Festival in Iran and scored 2 Crystal Simorgh awards at the event.

Written by Azita Irayee, the social drama features a different narrative on how people confront addiction and drug abuse.

“There is nothing harder in life than seeing someone you love decided to be alone. You enjoy seeing her and hearing her voice, but she closed the doors and chooses loneliness in your place ... There is nothing harder in life than being left alone. You see your loved ones and you love them, but they all deny you. They closed doors on you and you are alone. Loneliness is a swamp,” a synopsis for the film read.

Actors such as Mahnaz Afshar, Sara Bahrami, Jamshid Hashempour, Hadi Hejazifar, Negar Abedi, Shadi Karamroudi, and Amin Hayaee are among the cast.

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The CIFF is a festival organized in the city of Chennai, India, by the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation with the support of the government of Tamil Nadu, the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and the Film Federation of India.

The festival aims at providing a common platform for the film fraternity to show its expression through films; understanding other cultures and project the excellence of this art form; contribute to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of the different nations in the context of the social and cultural ethos; and promote friendship and co-operation among peoples of the world.

Launched in 2002, it showcases international as well as Indian feature films. The festival screens more than 100 international feature films.

The 16th edition of the CIFF has been slated for December 13-20, 2018.