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Tuesday December 18, 2018 18:02160

Sirous Moqaddam’s horror series begins shooting

Shooting for ‘Sleepy’ directed by Sirous Moqaddam begins shooting.

Director Sirous Moqaddam’s new horror series ‘Sleepy’ which recently concluded its preproduction phase has gone in front of the cameras for shooting.

Written by Saeed Nematollah, this will be Moqaddam and Nematollah’s third series working together with the duo’s first two projects being the series ‘Michael’ and ‘A Mother’s Sacrifice’.

The horror series, produced by Elham Ghafouri, will consist of three seasons and will premiere on a local Iranian film channel.

Cast members whose presence has been confirmed so far are Reyhaneh Parsa and Ladan Mostofi with the remaining cast members being drawn from cinema actors.

‘The Green Journey’ actor Ladan Mostofi is married to director Shahram Asadi, both of whom have appeared in their respective roles in the movie ‘The Fateful Day’, as well as the series ‘Jalal Edin’ and ‘Sheikh Baha’ee’.

Sirous Moqaddam who began directing in 1991, assisted Davoud Mirbaqeri in directing the ‘Imam Ali’ (AS) series. Known for his numerous TV productions, Moqaddam has directed over 17,000 minutes of TV series, some of which were recently aired on ifilm including: ‘Madineh’, ‘The Redemption’, ‘Michael’, ‘The Wall’, ‘Until Being with Sorayya’, ‘The Days of Life’, ‘Coma’, and ‘Floating in a Bubble’.