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Monday December 24, 2018 13:51434

Iran film ‘Dressage’ releases new trailer

New trailer for Iran film ‘Dressage’ directed by Pouya Badkubeh has been released.

New trailer for Iran film ‘Dressage’ has been released.

Ali Mosaffa, Shabnam Moqaddami, Houshang Tavakkoli, Alireza Sanifar, Alireza Aqakhani, and Siamak Adib are among the cast.

Directed by Pouya Badkoubeh, ‘Dressage’ tells the story of Golsa and her friends who, motivated primarily by boredom rather than greed, decide to rob a corner shop.

While evaluating the robbery, they are dismayed to realize that they forgot to bring along the CCTV footage; so one of them must return to the crime scene and the vote falls on Golsa.