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US star Tom Hanks raising money for kids hospital

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is raising money for children’s hospital by renovating classic car.

Hollywood star Tom Hanks has decided to raise money for a children’s hospital by renovating a classic car.

According to a media report, the US actor will be raising cash for the psychiatric ward of Bielsko-Biala hospital in Poland by restoring an old Syrena car and offering it in an auction.

This is not the first time for the Oscar-winning actor to take part in charitable works to help improve kids’ lives around the world. He has been supporting some charity organizations that reach out to children in need such as UNICEF, Healthy Child Healthy World and Children’s Health Fund.

Born in 1956, Tom Hanks is an internationally recognized and celebrated performer and voice actor who has been in a big number of successful cinematic projects such as ‘Forest Gump’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

Some of the movies starring the actor have been aired by IRIB, including ‘The Terminal’ and ‘The Green Mile’.

He has been the voice actor for the hilarious role of Sheriff Woody in ‘Toy Story’ sequels.