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Iran director ends shooting int’l film in Canada

Iranian director Abdorreza Kahani completes filming his new project ‘Free like Air’ in Canada.

Iranian filmmaker Abdorreza Kahani has recently completed filming his new project ‘Free like Air’ in Canada.

Filming stage of the movie, which has been one of the biggest film projects by Iranian crew in Canada, began on November 7 and came to an end on December 22.

Some popular Iranian and foreign actors have appeared before Kahani’s camera.

Renowned Iranian comedian Reza Attaran, French actress Ophelie Bau and British actor Finnegan Oldfield are among the cast.

Being made in the English and French languages, the movie has been produced by Amir Ganjavi and Majid Qalamshahi.

Born in 1963, Kahani appeared in many plays as an actor, director and writer, winning many awards as a teenager.

He graduated in theater and made his debut as a director of short films. His first film was ‘Journey to the East’ (2001), directed by Seyyed-Mehdi Borqei, in which he appeared as a scriptwriter.

He also wrote scripts and directed movies, including ‘Human’ (2006), ‘Nothing’ (2009), ‘Without Reason or Cause’ (2011) and ‘Absolute Rest’ (2014).

Kahani received an honorary diploma for best directing at the Fajr International Film Festival, Jury special award and World Church award from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Czech Republic for ‘Twenty’ (2008), and Golden Alexander Award for ‘There’ (2008) at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece.