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Iran film ‘The Lost Strait’ hits domestic home market

Iranian film ‘The Lost Strait’ enters domestic market of home entertainment.

Iranian film ‘The Lost Strait’ has entered the domestic market of home entertainment.

The epic film that succeeded to gain good takings at the domestic box office at the time of public screening is offered at the Iranian home market from December 31, 2018.

‘The Lost Strait’ won the Best Film Crystal Simorgh and the film's director, Bahram Tavakkoli, received the Crystal Simorgh for Best Director at the 36th Fajr Film Festival.

'The Lost Strait', also led winners at the National Will Manifestation strand, which was held in Arvand Free Trade Zone (AFZ) located in the southwestern corner of Iran.

It depicts Iranian combatants in an epic battle during the last days of the Iraq-Iran war.

Javad Ezzati, Amir Jadidi, Mehdi Pakdel, Ali Soleimani, Mehdi Qorbani and Hamid-Reza Azarang are among cast members.