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Friday January 4, 2019 13:16311

ifilm picks best movie posters of 2018

ifilm has made a fine raft of 2018 movie posters.

Film posters are sometimes more than just marketing materials. A glaring color scheme, a smart concept and an arresting artful image is enough to pique one’s interest in a movie.

ifilm has taken a look back at the drawing board to list a fine raft of 2018 movie posters that succeeded to grace cinemas, billboards and bedrooms!  


1.  Skyscraper

‘Skyscraper’ poster sings the praises of old posters. Remember ‘The Towering Inferno’? It seems the poster has taken a visual cue from this movie. The folds and wrinkles make it feels like it is age-old and has been stored somewhere for years.   

2.  Hereditary

In Ari Aster’s feature directorial debut, family members look disheveled and tempestuous conveying that there is not much blessing going on with this haunted family.  

3. The First Purge

A red hat this style excites wrath among millions of people; therefore, using it to show something as despicable as ‘The Purge’ cannot be more sterling. The corruption of the racist-in-chief – Trump – coupled with that of those behind the first ‘Purge’ transfers a clear message.     

4.  The Predator

A series of spines, teeth and skulls are used in the style of a mosaic to show the face of a notorious game hunter. Scary enough?    

4.  Deadpool 2

The satirical nature of subversive Deadpool posing a dance move with bullets pouring down gives the poster a jocular tone.

5.  Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

It might not seem special at the first glance but it is a great display of the superhero movie. It shows how the fictional superhero Miles Morales plunges into a whole new world. Instead of going bottom up, it has turned the spider man formula upside down.

6.  Summer of ’84

This illustration on the poster with a skeleton face instead of the missing boy and the blood under the milk carton bring to mind the horror imagery of the 1980s US cinema.

7.  Slice

The stained pizza boxes with blood spatters look so real. The checked boxes at the bottom also work so well together with the tagline “Dead. In 30 minutes or less.”

8.  The Sisters Brothers

How about using the wanted poster as inspiration for a movie poster? The old texture to it adds to the authentic feel of the wanted poster. The unclear pictures of actors John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix are also a work of great aesthetic appeal.

9.  Isle of Dogs

A group of dogs with their special features and nametags, including two robot dogs, helps the traditional visual style of Wes Anderson to convey.

10. Black KKKlansman

Spike Lee’s ‘BlacKkKlansman’ is one compelling and controversial poster that draws eyes right to it. It’s a true story of the first African-American detective in 1970 who recruits undercover with the KKK (an American terrorist organization). The use of a Black man wearing a badge necklace and a hood from the KKK with Black Power* fist and a hair pick in his hand make great contradictions.  

The torn edges of the poster are also a time travel to the 1970s when the film is set.  

* The Black Power movement was made during 1960s and early 1970s to promote black collective interests and boost black values.