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Friday January 11, 2019 11:10132

Comedy film ‘Sly’ unravels second trailer

Kamal Tabrizi’s new comedy movie ‘Sly’ has unveiled new teaser.

Kamal Tabrizi’s new comedy movie ‘Sly’ has unveiled new teaser.

A month through screening, the film unravels new trailer while it has succeeded to rank among the best selling movies at Iranian box office.

The film narrates the story of an illiterate, uneducated man named Qodrat. The Persian name Qodrat mean power or might in English and as the name of the man suggests he is thirsty for gaining power.

While most little boys have the dream of becoming an astronaut or a police officer, Qodrat has always wanted to become a member of the parliament. He is willing to resort to any measures to fulfill his long wished-for dream.

As a pretend pious, Qodrat does a lot without being commissioned. On one of his self ordered missions, he accidentally becomes a national hero and now everything seems to be helping him towards reaching what he is wishing for.

The character is brought to life by ifilm star Hamed Behdad. He is a known name among ifilm viewers as he has been in a number of film and series aired by the channel. ‘The Last Invitation’, ‘Free Fall’, ‘The Orange Suit’ and ‘The Third Day’ are some of those works.

Vishka Asayesh, Azadeh Samadi, Reza Naji, Mani Haqiqi are some outstanding names among the cast members of the flick.