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Saturday January 12, 2019 14:43141

‘I Am Nero’ unveils first teaser

Rafi Pitts’ movie ‘I Am Nero’ has unveiled first teaser.

Rafi Pitts’ movie ‘I Am Nero’ has unveiled first teaser.

The film that premiered at Cinema Museum on December 08, 2018 has been on screens at Art and Experience cinema groups for about a month.

‘I Am Nero’ is a Germany, France and Mexico production which has a critical view towards some specific policies of the American government.

Nero is a 17-year-old Mexican boy who has the air for American dream. To fulfill what he is wishing for and gaining American Green Card, he is willing to do anything in his power.

The young Mexican boy joins the American army as he feels this is the only way to gain citizenship. Odds are bad for him and he might not get his dream come true knowing that his father fought for the US army and lost his life yet he was buried in asylum-seekers’ cemetery without even having a tomb stone.

Regardless of all this, he succeeds to join the army but he ends up left alone in the desserts.

The film was candidate to receive the silver bear from the 2016 edition of Berlin International Film Festival.