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Iranian director to create film with Chinese filmmakers

Majid Majidi is set to create a new film in collaboration with Chinese filmmakers.

Award-winning director Majid Majidi, who was recently granted the title of ‘Honorary Professor’ from the Beijing Film Academy, has signed an agreement to create a new film in collaboration with his Chinese counterparts.

Majidi, who has drawn the attention of Chinese authorities and film institutions as of late, is set to create a film with a child-centered theme in China between 2019 and 2020.

A memorandum of understanding for the film’s production was signed today in Beijing with the presence of Majidi, Adilkhani, head of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China’s Cultural Advisory Board, along with officials from China’s Children Film Studios and Film Cooperation Group.

The renowned director was recently named ‘Honorary Professor’ at the Beijing Film Academy, Asia’s largest Film Institution, for his exceptional work in the film industry.

Additionally, ‘Children of Heaven’ and ‘The Song of Sparrows’, two of Majidi’s prominent works which are well-known in China, are currently being taught as educational resources at the Beijing Film Academy.