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Jim Carrey slams Trump, condemns Covington Catholic teens

Hollywood star Jim Carrey accuses policies of US President Donald Trump for spreading hatred.

Hollywood star Jim Carrey has accused US President Donald Trump's policies of spreading hatred in the wake of the confrontation between students of a Kentucky Catholic high school and Native American campaigner Nathan Phillips in Washington, D.C.

Carrey posted a painting by himself on his social media page on Tuesday, condemning the teens as “baby snakes”.

The frequent Trump critic’s artwork depicted the video of the Friday’s incident, showing student Nick Sandmann and other boys with hostile facial expressions squaring off with Phillips.

In Carrey’s depiction of the situation, he replaced the word “great” on Sandmann’s hat with “hate”.

A video circulated over the weekend of the Friday’s encounter between students from the Covington Catholic High School wearing red caps mirroring Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” and Omaha Nation elder Phillips.

Many viewers believed the teens were attempting to taunt Phillips.

Another video showed that Phillips had walked up to the teenagers, who were waiting for a bus after participating in the 46th annual March for Life, and began to beat a drum and chant. He said he was trying to separate them from a third party that was abusing them.

Phillips, who was there for the Indigenous Peoples March, stressed that the teens should receive “cultural sensitivity training” after mocking him.

The students, however, were invited to the White House by Trump, who has described them as an example of “Fake News and how evil it can be.”