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Sunday January 27, 2019 12:48340

VIDEO: German filmmaker awakens wanderlust to Iran travel

German filmmaker Sebastian Linda and his wife Sophia have awakened wanderlust for Iran with the impressive short film ‘Mio Iran’.  

The couple, who were expecting a baby boy at the time, made the clip to overturn any preconception about Iran and dedicated it “to their son and everyone who still searches out to explore the world in brave ways.”

Sebastian starts the adventurous video saying “Last year, my wife Sophia and me went to a place, everybody said is full of danger and terror, Iran. We had to see for ourselves. But not only for the two of us, but somebody on the way.”  

He continues, “Five years ago I started to teach myself the piano. I always dream of composing something of my own. When my son Mio was born, I instantly had a melody in mind. Mio my Mio is a book from Astrid Lindgren, and Mio is going into an adventure against dark forces, which he can conquer with bravery. Well, our world now is exactly that adventure. So I hope, now that Mio has already traveled to the end of the world, he knows that everywhere, people are full of love are waiting for him.”  

Sebastian has invited everyone to visit the misunderstood wonderland of Iran behind the stereotypes. Let’s enjoy the ride.


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