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Mohammad Motamedi sings for ‘Takhti, the World Champion’

Mohammad Motamedi has sung for New Iranian movie ‘Takhti, the World Champion’.

Mohammad Motamedi has sung for the Fajr contender ‘Takhti, the World Champion’.

The Iranian traditional vocalist has performed the song for Bahram Tavakkoli’s latest cinematic project which will be premiered at the main competition section of the 37th Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

Motamedi has been a prolific singer with having more than 20 albums published. In 2013, the internationally celebrated artist was given the Babel Med Music Award in France.

The biographical film depicts the Iranian world champion’s life from cradle to grave. The project is shot in three phases to show the hero’s childhood, teenagehood and adulthood.

Mahour Alvand, Atila Pesyani, Behnoush Tabatabaee, Hamid-Reza Azarang, Setareh Pesyani, and Siavash Tahmoures are among the cast members of the film.

According to a media report, Mohsen Takhti has also been cast to appear in the flick to play the champion’s adulthood as he has the athlete’s same looks.

Gholamreza Takhti was born in Tehran on August 27, 1930. At the age of 15, he enrolled in Poulad Club in southern Tehran and was trained to become a wrestler.

Takhti won his first Iranian championship in 1950 and later in 1951 he won a silver medal at the world freestyle championship in Helsinki, Finland. That was one of the first international medals gained by Iranian wrestlers.

He also won several other medals, but that is not the only reason why he is so popular among Iranians. He proved to be a real hero by showing such exemplary character as being of any sort of help to the poor and needy.

Established in 1982, the Fajr Film Festival is an event that celebrates cultural exchange, displays creative achievements of highly acclaimed cineastes and pays tribute to local and international films.

Since its establishment, the festival has played a vital role in the development of the Iranian Cinema.

Supervised by Iran’s Ministry of Culture, the festival hosts veteran directors and new filmmakers from Iran and across the world every year.

The 37th Fajr is slated for January 30-February 11, 2019, in Tehran and several other Iranian cities.