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Cinema took the human innocence away from me: Mostafa Zamani

Mostafa Zamani opens up about his personal feeling toward his career as an actor.

Mostafa Zamani certainly does not need an introduction. When we hear the dashing actor’s name, his countless film credits – and Prophet Joseph – instantly come to mind. That’s why we felt the urge to give you an insight into his latest TV interview.  

The 36-year-old star has inhabited many characters in his career as an actor, but his turn as Prophet Joseph in ‘Prophet Joseph’ series gained him international acclaim. He has never come out of the spotlight since then. And here he is today, a totally sophisticated actor whose thoughtful answers to questions work their way into hearts.

Zamani made his cinematic debut in 2009 with ‘Aul’. He says, “I would like to play unknown roles. That’s why I took a role in ‘Aul’ after ‘Prophet Joseph’. ‘Shahrzad’ follows my desire for playing unknown roles as well.”

“I used to go for many different adventures. I’ve never imagined me as what I am now.”

If you are an adoring fan of Mostafa, the first thing you would remember him from is ‘Prophet Joseph’. The interviewer told him, “You are always under the shadow of Prophet Joseph and you would never get out of it.”   

Zamani firmly said, “Why should I get out of it? I hold the belief that time would fade away many roles but some of the roles are timeless. I am certain that when I depart this life, everyone would talk about my role in ‘Prophet Joseph’ and remember me by it.  

When asked what cinema took away from him and what it gave him, he replied that cinema gave him everything. It gave him purpose, passion and life, a material life. He believes that "this is the rule of nature to give you things in exchange for taking something else."

“Cinema took the human innocence away from me. The loneliness that occurs to an actor or a famous person, doesn’t occur to anyone else. It’s some sort of isolation.  And you would know by then that you no longer have that innocence.”



He is an exceptional actor...Looks wise he's terrific... There's something about him that suited him.