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Thursday February 7, 2019 20:18304

ifilm interviews ‘Pejman’ star Sam Derakhshani

Sam Derakhshani has talked of his latest acting experience in Fajr attendee ‘Polo Coat’.

Sam Derakhshani, ifilm series ‘The Sound of Rain’ star, has talked of his latest acting experience in Fajr attendee ‘Polo Coat’.

In an interview with ifilm channel, the actor unveils facts about the how and why of his accepting a role in Mehdi Ali-Mirzaei’s comedy flick which is currently competing at the main competition section of the Iranian film event.

Derakhshani says that he grew fond of the director after watching his film ‘At a Certain Time’. He adds that he liked that movie because it was deconstructive.

He goes on to praise the acting talent of ifilm popular star Javad Ezzati saying, “The movie sold well because an actor emerged out of it and now he’s become a star; I mean Javad Ezzati.”

Banipal Shomon is also another actor who plays a role in this new cinematic flick. He has also talked to our camera; the video for this part of the interview is available here.

The 37th edition of Fajr Film Festival that kicked off on January 30 is currently in progress in the Iranian capital of Tehran. It is set to come to an end on February 11.