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Monday February 11, 2019 18:02106

Iranian animation at Netherlands’ FluXus hits 3

Iranian short animations, ‘The Fox’, ‘Mr. Deer’, and ‘Fox and Wild Goose’ have been selected to go on screen at the 1st edition of the FluXus Animation Film Festival in the Netherlands.

‘The Fox’ is about a young and lively fox that is caught by a hunter when experiencing its first love. The hunter puts a bell around the fox’s neck and returns it to the woods. The bell prevents the fox from hunting and living its normal life in the woods and it soon realizes that its only way to survive is to be tamed and go back to the hunter.

Directed by Sadeq Javadi, it recently won best short film award at the 14th World Animation Film Festival in Bulgaria.

‘Fox and Wild Goose’ by Reyhaneh Kavosh is about a goose called the white feather, who is flying to tropical lands with the gaggle of other geese. At night, when all are asleep, the white feather is keeping guard. On the other side, a cunning fox is going crazy.

‘Mr. Deer’ is a 20-minute stop motion animation which utilizes the puppet technique to narrate a story set in an unknown time, in a ruined subway station which is similar to those in modern European societies. People in this society with animal faces have forgotten humanity.

Directed by Mojtaba Mousavi, the piece won the Special Animation award at the 28th Animafest Zagreb in Croatia.

There will be multiple screenings for both children and adults at the FluXus event, and the audience will vote for the best film, according to the event’s website.

Organized by the FluXus art center in Zaandam, the FluXus Animation Film Festival will take place on February 16, 2019.