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Iranian movie ‘The Lost Paradise’ unveils new trailer

Iranian movie ‘The Lost Paradise’ unveils new trailer

Directed by Hamid Salimian and produced by Mohammad-Sadeq Azin, ‘The Lost Paradise’ has revealed a new trailer.

The movie has set a set of special screening for students and will soon go on the public screens.

“Issa needs to find a way to save Ida; so he goes through a lot of adventures…” a synopsis for the movie reads.

Zeinab Badri has made the trailer for the movie.

The trailer has a Farsi narration that says: “Once my mom and dad wished to have me, but I was afraid to be born. To help me become brave, God showed me a star and said ‘it will protect you at nights.’ Still, I was worried and thought what may happen if I lose my star. God said 'if you lose your star you can make a wish to find it’. But, Santa Claus said he could only let one of my wishes to come true. So, I wished for a doll. I think the world is a beautiful place. It is like a lost heaven. Do you like to watch my story in a film?”.

Some of the actors and actresses appearing in the movie are Faramarz Qaribian, Afshin Hashemi, Afsaneh Pakrou and Matin Sotoudeh.