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‘Paradise’ holds private screening

Romantic comedy ‘Paradise’ has held private screening with cast and crew attending.

Romantic-comedy movie ‘Paradise’ has held private screening with cast and crew attending.

Book Garden Cineplex was the venue for the private screening of Ali Atshani’s latest flick that was held on Wednesday.

Among the cast members who attended the film event, Javad Ezzati, ifilm star of ‘Huge Problems 1&2’, was a notable figure. He was accompanied by his wife Mahlaqa Baqeri, an actress and theater director.

Saman Saffari, Mohammad-Ali Najafian, Javad Yahyavi, Fereshteh Taerpour, Abolhassan Davoudi, Bita Mansouri, Mahvash Vaghari, Mohsen Ghazi-Moradi, Mahmoud Gabrlou were among the guests attending ‘Paradise’ screening.

The film is about a young seminary student who finds out that there is an academic seminar on religion to be held in Germany. Sharing his plans of attending the seminar with his classmate and friend, the two men are in pursuit of convincing their teacher to grant them permission to do so.

The teacher, however, would not come into terms with their decision, so the two young men play a trick on him. Now that they have eventually persuaded the teacher, the three men are on a mission to show the true face of Islam.

Only three weeks through screening of the film, it has set its name among the best-sellers of Iranian 2019 box office with raking over 20,000,000,000 Rials.