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Saturday February 23, 2019 17:56313

Don't miss ifilm weekend movie by "Iranian Hitchcock"

This weekend’s ifilm flick 'Bluff' is directed by famous Iranian-Armenian director Samuel Khachikian nicknamed "Iranian Hitchcock".

The movie is one of the classics in Post-revolutionary Iranian Cinema within the boundaries of thriller genre.

'Bluff' is among Khachikian’s outstanding works while he is dubbed one of the father figures of Iranian cinema as well as a master of thrillers.

The confident, flexible handling of genres is also a key element in the director's offerings. He had a language of his own to depict a world of sin and crime, with an imaginative use of sound and unusual camera angles.

If you have the chance to watch ifilm Saturday's pick, feel free to analyze such scenes in 'Bluff’ as a professional film critic.

The flick follows the story of Rasoul who has promised his ailing sister to never commit crimes after he’s released from prison. But things don’t go as planned when he faces a dilemma immediately after he’s released. Will he keep his promise or will he have to face what destiny has in store for him?

As the synopsis for the flick suggests, ‘Bluff’ tries to depict how human beings are sometimes force to sell their souls in situations where they find themselves over the edge.

The main cast members of the flick are Daryoush Asadzadeh, Ateneh Faqih-Nasiri and Reza Rouygari.

Late Iranian superstar, Khosro Shakibaee has also played the starring role in the film.

ِKhachikian passed away in 2001 before being able to finish up his last work 'Doubt'.