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‘Dayan’ releases poster prior to Iran screening

Poster for ‘Dayan’ unveiled prior to official screening in Iran.

Award-winning film ‘Dayan’ directed by Behrouz Nooranipour has released a brand-new poster ahead of its official screening in Iranian theaters tomorrow.

The film which received multiple awards at various film festivals last year is set to be screened by the Azadi Cinematic Group in Iranian theaters nationwide.

‘Dayan’, which depicts the fear and terror created by the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group in the Kurdistan region, tells the story of a group of 4000 refugees who, in the midst of war, couldn’t reunite with their families on the other side of the border.

Being stuck in the middle of a crisis, these families were forced to make some difficult decisions.

Nasser Babaeian, Abdullah Zavareh, and Bahar Maroufi are among the cast for the 84-minute film which was shot in Kurdish.

‘Dayan’ was recently awarded the 29th Singapore International Film Festival’s Honorable Mention award as well as the 15th Resistance International Film Festival’s Best Actor award for Nasser Babaeian’s performance.

Previously, director Behrouz Nooranipour had directed the documentary ‘A157’ which was awarded Best Documentary at the 34th annual Fajr Film Festival.