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Iran comedy ‘Millipede’ to enter home market in 2 parts

Iranian comedy ‘Millipede’ is to enter domestic home market in 2 parts.

Iranian comedy ‘Millipede’ has been set to enter the domestic home market in two parts.

The film that went on the silver screen in a 2-hour version is now ready for the home market in an extended 3-hour version.

Later, producers have decided to publish ‘Millipede’ in two 100-minute parts.

The new offering of director Abolhassan Davoudi grabbed the audience big time just a few days after public screening.

The film’s gross beat two Iranian box-office top titles of all time – ‘Sperm Whale 2’ by Saman Moqaddam and Manouchehr Hadi’s ‘Wing Mirror’ – bagging some 400,000,000,000 Rials at the end of its screening season.

In the film, a criminal named Reza finds out that a rich woman who is a doctor at a war veterans hospital vows to marry a veteran.

Reza is an amputee without a leg, so he is willing to marry the doctor. However, a group of fighters who kill the veterans take him hostage.

Actors such as Mehran Ahmadi, Reza Attaran, Sara Bahrami, Mohammad-Javad Ezzati, Sepand Amir-Soleymani, Naeemeh Nezamdoust, Shohreh Lorestani and Omid Rouhani are among the cast.