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‘Rahman 1400’, ‘Pig Gene’ gain screening license

‘Rahman 1400’ and ‘Pig Gene’ have received permit to screen in Iranian cinemas.

‘Rahman 1400’ and ‘Pig Gene’ have received permit to screen in Iran cinemas.

Manouchehr Hadi’s latest comedy ‘Rahman 1400’ started shooting stage in August 2018 and most of the project was shot in the Iranian cities of Tehran and Karaj.

Stars such as Mehran Modiri from ‘The Man with a Thousand Faces’ and Mohammad-Reza Golzar from ‘Made in Iran’ appear in the film.

The comedy tells the story of Rahman who is facing severe financial problems and difficulties who intends to ask for help from a company managed by Mr. Jalousi played by Mehran Modiri. However, Mr. Jalousi writes him a cheque for 2021; and there the story begins.

Directed by Saeed Soheili, ‘Pig Gene’ is also a social comedy which has won screening permit.

The plot of the film has not been revealed yet but as it comes from the media, it will most probable pinpoint the latest social issue of believing in good or superior genes.

Some of the cast members of the film are Nazanin Bayati, Behrang Alavi, Saba Soheili, Qorban Najafi, Alireza Mehran, Shahin Taslimi, Afshin Akhlaqi, Vahid Kermani and Elnaz Habibi who is also a household name among ifilm viewers.