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Thursday March 7, 2019 13:15314

‘Instrument Player’ finishes shooting in Turkey

Iranian director Mostafa Kiaee finishes shooting of ‘Instrument Player’ in Turkey's Istanbul.

Iranian director Mostafa Kiaee has finished the shooting stage of his new project ‘Instrument Player’ (Motreb) in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The editing stage for ‘Instrument Player’ is also expected to end soon as it has taken place simultaneously with the shooting of the film.

The social-comedy movie is starring Parviz Parastouee, Elnaz Shakerdoust and Mehran Ahmadi. A number of Turkish stars have also taken part in the movie.

“They don’t accept us and call us instrument player,” a synopsis for the film reads.

‘Instrument Player’ is also written and produced by Kiaee. The director himself has also appeared in the movie.