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‘Beautiful Jinn’ to screen globally

Iran-Turkey film ‘Beautiful Jinn’ to be screened globally.

Iran-Turkey joint cinematic production ‘Beautiful Jinn’ directed by Bayram Fazli is set to hit global screens.

According to producer Mehrdad Farid, the Turkish side will be handling the distribution of the film’s screenings in different countries.

He further added: “The majority of the screenings for ‘Beautiful Jinn’ will be in countries around the region, although the film will hold screenings in other countries as well.”

The joint production is the first collaboration between Iranian and Turkish film industries featuring actors from both countries.

Currently being screened in Iran, the film’s content is comic in nature.

Lead Turkish actress Nurgul Yesilcay plays the role of a character named ‘Delaram’, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, due to which she has lost her speaking and listening abilities.

Farhad Aslani, ifilm star of ‘The Chef’ also plays one of the main roles in the new cinematic production. He brings to life a character named Yadollah, a widower who sees a jinn whose beauty is indescribable. The man is desperately in love with the jinn that is Delaram.

Other actors in the film include Haniyeh Faridtalebnia, Leyla Zareh, Moharram Zaynalzadeh, along with actors from the Turkish film industry.