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Saturday March 9, 2019 22:01126

Americans afraid of outsiders: US director

Comedian-turned-horror-maestro Jordan Peele highlights US fear of outsiders in a media interview on his new horror flick 'Us'.

Peele, whose flick trades on Peele’s imagination, told media that his new title aims to feature the American culture as the one "afraid of invaders", adding, "We are afraid of outsiders."

"Our fear lies in the idea that there is a bad guy coming to get us," he said, noting, "We are our worst enemy."

In 'Us', the central characters happen to be African-American and just as his previous 'Get Out' in which he tried to depict Obama's era was not benefiting the black life in the US.

The director also said, "We are afraid of the shadowy, mysterious ‘other’ that’s going to come and kill us and take our jobs and do whatever, but what we’re really afraid of is the thing we’re suppressing: our sin, our guilt, our contribution to our own demise."

"We need to look no further than the mirror to find the darkest monster of all,” he concludes.