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Thursday March 14, 2019 21:0573

‘Yeva’ to premiere in Armenian, Farsi

‘Yeva’, an Iranian-Armenia joint production, directed by Anahid Abad is to be premiered in two languages of Armenian and Persian.

According to a media report, the film, which was launched in Iranian Art and Experience Cinema from March 16, was first dubbed and premiered in Farsi.

The flick is currently ready to be screened in Armenian with Farsi subtitle as well as in Farsi.

The dubbing of the film began from February last year and ended on April the same year, initially recording the Persian dialogues.

The dubbing process was directed by Reza Aftabi in Raha Arts and Culture Film Studio based in Tehran.

‘Yeva’ is a war-themed story about a young woman who is forced to flee Yerevan with her daughter Nareh. She would have to stand trial there because she allegedly killed her husband.

The flick represented Armenia at the 90th edition of Academy Awards.

‘Yeva’ had multiple international screenings with various awards bagged; notable among which include award for best feature film at the 2018 edition of the Arpa Int’l Film Festival in Los Angeles, best film award from the 14th Rolan - International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Armenia, best screenplay award from the 15th Golden Apricot Yerevan Int’l Film Festival in Armenia and audience award at the 12th Pomegranate Film Festival held in Canada.