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Tuesday March 19, 2019 21:03158

‘Even or Odd’ releases first trailer

Iranian New Year special ‘Even or Odd’ releases first trailer.

Iranian sitcom and New Year special ‘Even or Odd’ co-directed by Alireza Najafzadeh and Mohammad-Hossein Latifi has released its first official trailer.

Produced by Mehran Maham, the brand new sitcom will begin screening this Friday on Iranian national TV.

‘Even or Odd’ is a comedy-drama about the issue of marriage in society, and the complications involved in the pursuit of a simple matrimonial process.

Written by Kourosh Narimani, the lineup to the 15-part series will include Hedayat Hashemi, Marjaneh Golchin, Mehran Ghafourian, Yousef Teymouri, Nahid Moslemi, Sheida Khaliq, Mahshid Naseri, Atieh Javid, Delsa Maleki, Karim Qorbani, and Mehran Rajabi.

When asked about her new role, Marjaneh Golchin explained: “I play the role of Afaq, a mother with all of her worries and concerns, who has a young brother and a son that she’s willing to sacrifice everything for.”