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Thursday March 21, 2019 17:0046

Listen to ‘Pig Gene’ unveiled music track

Music track for Saeed Soheili’s latest offering ‘Pig Gene’ vocalized by Mohsen Chavoshi has been unveiled.

The new social comedy that has been on Iranian screens since March 12 has now released its music piece titled ‘Forgive Me’. The piece has been composed and sung by the Iranian famous pop star Mohsen Chavoshi.

The lyrics for the unveiled piece reads as follows:

I’m leaving this house

That has disturbed dreams

From this alley that’s homesick

From this city that’s irritated

You’re not with me anymore

But I’m still alive

What a diehard I am

To still think of the future

Thinking of the days that are still happy without you

See how these old wounds

Have given me hope

I know it’s yet possible

To fall in love unknowingly

For an innocent heart

To become honest again

(Hard or easy

I moved on from you finally

If I’ve wronged you

Forgive me as I’m sorry) x2

You don’t see it in my eyes

My silent sorrows

The sadness that’s burnt me deeply

For this acute pain

There’s no cure

I’m dying and I need no remedy

My pride tells me to go

My heart says just a bit longer

Stand it but never

My heart has made a mistake to say that

(Hard or easy

I moved on from you finally

If I’ve wronged you

Forgive me as I’m sorry) x2

The main cast members of the flick are Jamshid Hashempour, Hadi Hejazifar, Sina Mehrad and Nazanin Bayati.

The rest of the featuring artist in the flick are Behrang Alavi, Saba Soheili, Qorban Najafi, Alireza Mehran, Shahin Taslimi, Afshin Akhlaqi, Vahid Kermani, and Elnaz Habibi who is also a household name among ifilm viewers.