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Thursday March 21, 2019 18:3935

‘They’ is a success: producer

Forouzan Joneiran talks to ifilm about her latest production ‘They’.

As the producer of this social narrative, Joneiran has shed light on how the ideas for the film were formed and how a scenario that was intended to be written for a short flick expanded and formed a feature film.

She says that her film is not after passing any Judgment.

“We have to cut out the ceilings and look at people’s lives very simply. If we stand back and take a look, we might notice the bad things about what we might’ve also done more easily”, she puts the film’s ideology this way adding, “I don’t think cinema should provide the audience with solutions. We’re not sociologists. We’re not pschycologists either”.

Therefore, the film works like an impartial spectator who merely sees what happens in the target society without having to make decision of what is wrong or good and innocent.

 Another mission for the film is stated as, “It wants to show us we might think in a very ugly way in a moment, but we don’t have the right to think that way.”

In the end, Joneiran talks with much enthusiasm of how she feels her film has been successful telling a memory, "When it was screened in Tehran, a couple came to me and thanked me. The woman said her husband held her hand while he was watching the movie and said ‘I’m sorry’. I really liked this sentence and I felt like I achieved the result I wanted.”

To see the full report in which director Ehsan Soltanian has also reflected upon the film’s production click here.


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