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ifilm exclusive interview with Derakhshani

Sam Derakhshani talks about ‘Pastarioni’ in an exclusive interview with ifilm English TV.

Sam Derakhshani, ifilm prolific actor, has clarified the genre and theme of his latest cinematic endeavor ‘Pastarioni’ in an exclusive interview with the channel.

Directed by Soheil Movafaq and produced by Bita Mansoori, ‘Pastarioni’ centers on the competition between two restaurants; one of which provides traditional food while the other serves fast food.

Despite common belief that ‘Pastarioni’ is a comedy feature film, Derakhshani holds a rather different idea saying, “The movie is in the children and family genre. No one has played comic role in it. Although it has funny moments which depend on the viewer’s taste, some may laugh and some may not”.

Talking on the theme of the movie, ‘Pejman’ star adds that, “It addresses the issues of hope, effort, intention and the importance of having these elements in our life.”

He goes on noting, “It teaches us that if we have failed at some periods in our life, it doesn’t mean, we have reached an end, a new way will be open for our future success”.

Derakhshani has appeared in a good number of ifilm movies and series including ‘Years of Snow and Violet’, ‘It’s All There’, ‘No Pain, No Gain’, ‘The Decius City’ and ‘Matador’.

He is also an actor of ifilm current series ‘The Roof of Tehran’.