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‘6.5 per Meter’ gives revenues to flood-hit people in Golestan

‘6.5 per Meter’ dedicates its revenues to flooded people of Iranian Golestan province.

Saeed Roustaei’s ‘6.5 per Meter’ dedicates its March 23 revenues to flooded people of Iranian Golestan province.

The film cast and crew members, in solidarity with the flood stricken people of Golestan province, have specified the movie's Saturday March 23 income earned at Astara Cinema in Iranian capital of Tehran.

The flood has devastated the residents of some Northern provinces of Iran destroying their homes and their properties. A number of locals have lost their lives during this natural disaster too. May their souls rest in peace.

‘6.5 per Meter’ is a social drama pinpointing the issue of drug abuse and its aftermath.

Jamal Sadatian, the producer of the flick, has said to media that the story of the movie will take audiences to see a family dealing with the aftermath of taking drugs.

Some of the cast members are Navid Mohammadzadeh, Amir Jadidi, Parinaz Izadyar and internationally celebrated actor Peyman Maadi.