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Iran's ‘Hattrick’ to contend in Las Palmas filmfest

Iranian ‘Hattrick’ is to be featured as special screening at the Las Palmas Film Festival in Spain.

Award-winning Iranian film ‘Hattrick’ directed by Ramtin Lavvafi has been set to be featured at the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival in Spain as part of the festival’s special screenings.

Currently underway, the Las Palmas Film Festival is scheduled to screen ‘Hattrick’ on March 27-28.

The festival has also extended an invitation to the Spanish soccer team UD Las Palmas to take part in the screening of the film along with the director Lavvafi.

‘Hattrick’ is a story about a group of middle-class Iranian friends who are on the way back from a party around midnight. While on the road, Farzad who is driving hits something but no one sees what it was.

As they leave the scene frightened and confused while discussing the right thing to do, certain mysteries begin to come to light…

Produced by Majid Matlabi, the 92-minute film has been featured at many international film festivals, including the Shanghai, Chennai, and Vancouver festivals.

At the 36th Fajr Film Festival in Iran, the film received two awards for Best Script and Best Actress.

In an exclusive interview, ifilm discussed ‘Hattrick’ in details with the film’s crew along with actor Homayoun Ershadi.

In addition to Ershadi, notable among the movie’s cast are Amir Jadidi, Parinaz Izadyar, Mahour Alvand, and Saber Abar.

Held in the Gran Canaria Island of Spain’s Canary Islands, the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival is an annual event in its 19th year which according to its website is “devoted to talent, to films born without commercial intent, away from conventionalisms which turns this film festival into a celebration to live and enjoy in theaters, far from celebrities and red carpets.”

The festival will come to an end on March 31, 2019.