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ifilm exclusive interview with Abdorreza Akbari

Iranian actor Abdorreza Akbari has talked about the importance of experience as a guarantee for success in the world of acting.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, Iranian actor Abdorreza Akbari has talked about the importance of experience as a guarantee for success in the world of acting.

ifilm Persian has conducted an interview with Akbari in Persian. Below are the highlights of the talk with the famed actor.

ifilm: You began your artistic career in 1968 on theater stage. You first appeared in front of the camera in 1981. Tell ifilmers how you entered the world of art, please.

Abdorreza Akbari: When we are young, we cannot precisely define how we were motivated to set foot in the world of art. We do not even think about it but a chain of events which are out of our control push us into the world of art. Of course, our personal interest plays the key role. I have always been motivated to become familiar with the film stars through watching movies. I live with the heroes of the movies in my mind. This is the main point that made me interested in this profession.

ifilm: With regard to your experience and the difficulties that you endured to get into the world of art, do you think that the process through which the lead roles are offered to new comers or unknown faces is professional enough?

Abdorreza Akbari: This job needs deep-rooted experience. One cannot succeed to have persistent influence in this profession by just relying on attractive face or nice appearance. Time reveals ones true color soon. The inabilities of the artist are revealed gradually. When the weak points and the cheap realty of an inexperienced artist are detected by the viewers, that artist has no more things to say. There are actors who have toiled and played in different roles but no one can assume an end to this job and one day you come to know that you are a tiny particle in the world of art. People and media may talk about us a lot but since acting is an endless world we suddenly come to know that there are so many roles that we have not played yet and we are not able to experience them because of age-related problems.

ifilm: If you were a scriptwriter what role would you consider for Abdorreza Akbari?

Abdorreza Akbari: I could write many different roles. At this age and with this great amount of experience I can play many different roles both in historical and contemporary genres. People at my age have many things to say. They can dominantly play the role of central figures in a play or a story.

ifilm: Therefore you are more interested in playing the roles of historical figures, aren’t you?

Abdorreza Akbari: Yes, Rumi and Cyrus the Great are among those roles that scriptwriters must focus on them. These historical figures not only lived as Poet and king but also, in a part of their lives, they lived as young men or old men. It is the job of actors to represent Rumi or Cyrus as young boys, poet or king, and old men because like other people, they have also lived in different stages of life. Roles like these must be offered to experienced actors.     

ifilm: What message do you have for ifilm viewers?

Abdorreza Akbari: I like ifilm very much because it introduces all movies and series more widely. When a movie or series is transmitted beyond the geographical borders of our country it introduces our country to a wider geographical scope. Another point is that ifilm provides opportunity for those viewers who have not succeeded to see an episode of a series by re-running it.