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Busan to review works by Iran female filmmakers

The 36th Busan Int’l Short Film Festival is to review works by Iranian female filmmakers.

The 36th edition of the Busan International Short Film Festival in South Korea has set to review some works by Iranian female filmmakers.

The festival has dedicated a section titled ‘Hub of Asia: Iranian Women Directors’ to screen eight films by Iranian female filmmakers.

‘Horn’ by Qasideh Golmakani, ‘Leftover’ by Yasaman Hassani, and ‘It Was My City’ by Tina Pakravan are in the Iranian lineup.

The list goes on with ‘Personal’ by Sonia Haddad, ‘Breath’ by Mona Moradi, ‘The Derive’ by Tanin Torabi, and ‘Lady with Flower-hair’ by Sara Tabibzadeh, among others.

‘Breath’ is about a fetus in the middle of a war. It is dreaming about the world that it wants to enter.

‘Leftover’ is a poetic journey of the filmmaker, who shifted between two worlds: East and West. Having grown up in post-revolutionary Iran, she has lived in Austria for many years.

‘Personal’ tells the story of a model whose photos are released in a Parisian magazine without her permission. So, she starts looking for the photographer, who has taken and sent the pictures.

The 37th Busan International Short Film Festival is slated for April 24-29, 2019.