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Oscar-nominated star reacts to Trump immigration policy

‘Roma’ Mexican star has condemned US president immigration policy about Mexico.

‘Roma’ Mexican star has condemned US president immigration policy about Mexico, slamming his views about her countrymen.

According to Screen Daily online magazine, Yalitza Aparicio the Oscar nominated star of Oscar Award- Winning film ‘Roma’ directed by Alfonso Cuaron has strongly condemned Donald Trump’s stance on Mexicans and Mexico border wall.

In her latest interview she said that Mexican Immigrants put themselves in danger to go to another country to find new opportunities. They leave their homes and go to another country because of bad political and economic conditions in Mexico.   

“There are a lot of people who share his opinion,” she said of Trump’s comments about Mexico and Mexicans. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to generalise, to say things like all Mexicans are [criminals]. It’s not true because there are a lot of Mexicans who enter the US and they’re real workers who help the country move forward,” Daily Screen reported.