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A-listers stretch helping hands to flood-hit Iranians

ifilm popular stars gather to raise money for the flood-stricken fellow Iranians.

A number of ifilm popular stars and cineasts get together to raise money for the flood-stricken fellow Iranians.

In a fund-raising charity event named ‘Flood of Kindness (Seil-e Mehrabani in Persian)’, which took place on April 12 at Azadi Cinema Complex in Iranian capital of Tehran, some ifilm personalities such Ali Nasiriyan, Amin Hayaee, Fatemeh Motamed-Arya, Shabnam Moqaddami, Habib Rezaee, Amin Tarokh and Laleh Eskandari attended.

Also, among the attending cineasts was Hassan Fathi, ifilm director of popular series such as ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘Zero Degree Turn’, ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ and ‘The Times’.

The event, which was held by Iranian Red Crescent society in collaboration with Iranian House of Cinema, was packed with people who handed in their help and in return received cards that the attending celebrities had left autographs on.

The flood that has started early on this year has already devastated the residents of some Northern, Western and Southern provinces of Iran and left them in dire need for help and attention.


Victor Nigeria

I sympathize with Iranians for the flood that killed people and destroyed many houses.