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Saturday April 13, 2019 17:40426

Watch ifilm movie this Saturday to see Iran hospitality

Watch ifilm weekend movie ‘Mom’s Guests’ before traveling to Iran!

Watch ifilm weekend movie ‘Mom’s Guests’ before traveling to Iran to get an idea of Iranian hospitality.

Movies are a great and fun way to get to know culture-specific items in a country. Iranian impressive customs are represented in a number of movies in an honest way and ifilm weekend pick is a case in point.

Iranians are well-known around the world as a hospitable and peace-loving nation. ifilm has picked out ‘Mom’s Guests’ for viewers to give them a sense of Iranian hospitality.   

Particularly the ending part of the flick is such a delight to watch, showing the hospitality element of Iranians to the fullest.

You may wonder why we keep our guests near and dear in Iran. The reason behind is that when in the Iranian culture someone is invited around, they are regarded as God’s friend.   

A brief synopsis of the flick reads, “In a poor Tehran neighborhood, Effat, who is the mother of two, faces a huge predicament as she has to prepare dinner for her guests having no money at the time. The social comedy reaches its climax when the neighbors, despite being poor, do their best by each giving out what they have to help Effat serve her guests a decent dinner.”

The flick has won the Best Film award at 22nd edition of Fajr Film Festival in Iran.