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‘Are You Volleyball?!’ the most honored Iranian short

‘Are You Volleyball?!’ wins two Ascona Film Festival awards in Switzerland.

Directed by Mohammad Bakhshi, ‘Are You Volleyball?!’ has won the Best Film Award and People’s Choice Award of the Ascona Film Festival in Switzerland.

‘Are You Volleyball?!’ has been presented in 300 international festivals and has so far succeeded to win 100 awards. Harvesting all that awards, Mohammad Bakhshi’s work now is the most honored short film in the history of Iranian cinema.

‘Are You Volleyball?!’ grabbed the Best Movie and Best Screenplay awards of the US Law and Society Association.

The short also was screened at the Nelson Mandela Festival for the 100th birthday of Mandela.

International Committee of the Red Cross screened the short for presidents and officials of different countries on the occasion of the anniversary of Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The film features a group of Arabic-speaking asylum seekers who try to make their way to the border in an English speaking country.

They get into a conflict with border guards every day up until a deaf-mute child becomes a catalyst for better communication between the two sides.