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Iranian ‘Paradise’ to arrive in Europe

‘Paradise’ has been set to premiere in Europe from May 15, 2019.

‘Paradise’ featuring ifilm popular star Javad Ezzati has been set to premiere in Europe from May 15, 2019.

Directed by Ali Atshani, the new comedy will start its European screenings with hitting the big screen in Gothenburg of Sweden. It will, then, be screened in Stockholm, Berlin, Koln, London, Manchester, Amsterdam and Homburg. Brightlight Film Productions Company and Tar Picture Entertainment are in charge of the film spree of screenings.

According to a media report, the film will have screenings in the American city of Houston, kicking off next week.

The film narrates the story of two seminary students who wish to attend an academic seminar on religions in Germany. Their teacher, however, does not give them the permission to do so.

The two young men convince the teacher to even go with them, though. Now the three are on a mission to show the true face of Islam to the world and draw a line between the real Islam and the fake divisions.

Mohammad-Javad Ezzati and Mehran Rajabi are two of the Iranian actors who have played starring roles in the film. Some German actors have also appeared in the 2015 production.

So far, ‘Paradise’ has been screened in a number of international film events and has won some awards. It has won three main awards at the Chelsea Film Festival in the US and Best Feature Film award at the 2018 High Coast International Film Festival in Sweden.