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‘Texas 2’ to hit Iranian silver screens

A sequel to popular Iranian comedy ‘Texas’ is to hit Iranian silver screens.

A sequel to popular Iranian comedy ‘Texas’ has been set to hit Iranian silver screens.

Continuing the story of Sasan and Bahram in Iran, ‘Texas 2’ will hit public domestic screens from Wednesday.

Pejman Jamshidi, Sam Derakhshani, Mehdi Hashemi, Jaleh Sameti, Gabriela Petri, Behrang Alavi, Reza Naji, Omid Rouhani, Soheyl Qannadan, Nader Soleymani, and a number of foreign actors have starred in the sequel.

Directed by Masoud Atyabi, ‘Texas’ has an action comic theme. “Never threaten an Iranian, even in Texas,” a tagline for ‘Texas’ read.

The story of the first part of the comedy is about two friends, Sasan and Bahram. Sasan lives in Brazil and Bahram has the dream of living in that country too.

To make his dream come true, Bahram decides to adopt a Brazilian kid so that he will be able to move there. The money transfer for accomplishing the mission must be done through Sasan and that is where it all begins.

The first part of the movie sold very well in the Iranian box office and was among the best-selling titles of the time. It was premiered in April 2018.