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Tuesday April 23, 2019 11:17208

‘Worker Bee’ casts ifilm ‘Breath’ star

Shabnam Moqaddami joins new cinematic project titled ‘Worker Bee’.

Shabnam Moqaddami, the star of ifilm movie ‘Breath’, joins new cinematic project titled ‘Worker Bee’.

The project which is set to be both directed and produced by Afshin Sadeghi has so far cast some distinguished and praised Iranian actors such as Hamid Farrokhnejad, Pegah Ahangarani, Saeed Aqakhani.

Shabnam Moqaddami who is known among ifilmers with series like ‘Madineh’ and ‘The Children Are Watching’ has also been taken on to be among the main cast of ‘Worker Bee’.

The film has also picked Alireza Ara, Moqaddami’s Husband, to be one of the cast members.

The image shows the couple (Moqaddami and her musband Alireza Ara) at Columbus movie screening.

A brief synopsis for the film reads, ‘Inji, who’s lost her mother as a child, must now find her father’s being murdered. The only one who’s witnessed the murder is friends with the killer’s daughter.’

The script for the new social flick has been written by Saeed Nematollah who has penned various scenarios for a number of ifilm popular series such as ‘Madness of Love’, ‘Madineh’, ‘Michael’, ‘The Roof of Tehran’ and ‘A Mother’s Sacrifices’.