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Iran feature ‘Sophie & the Beast’ to hit home market

Iranian movie ‘Sophie & the Beast’ is to hit domestic market of home entertainment.

Iranian movie ‘Sophie & the Beast’ has been set to hit the domestic market of home entertainment.

The social drama, directed by Mehdi Karampour, will enter the market on Tuesday.

The movie, produced by Karampour and written by Mehdi Sajjadechi, stars Amir Jafari, Behafarid Ghaffarian, Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia, Saeed Amir-Soleimani, Elaheh Hesari, Siamak Safari, and Reza Yazdani.

‘I am drunk and you are crazy, who may take us home? I told you a hundred times: drink less’, the movie’s plot reads.

It was premiered at the 35th edition of Iran’s Fajr Film Festival.